The 2011

2011 is the birth year of Astron Sneaker Hunts, and my initial aim for sneaker features is 1000 pairs. After almost a year I'm almost 1/3 into my goal. And from just around 10-20 people visiting my blog daily, it reached heights I never thought it would. 2011 was really amazing, met a lot of new people and inspired some. By the way, thank you to all those nice people who agreed on taking photos of them in public, even if I know too that it is kind of awkward posing in front of the camera with lots of people around. Without you guys, my blog would not be possible. And of course to those who keep on visiting my blog from the time they knew about it, until this very moment, a lot of thank you's to all of you!

A lot has happened during the year, a lot of changes and experiences. Here are some of the notable memories from the blog;

The very first sneakers I featured and took a photo of. If you remember, this particular set doesn't have the person's full body shot. He was shy, but I couldn't let a quirky sneakers pass as my very first post so I decided to continue with it. I think I haven't shared this yet or if I did, I can't really remember, this blog is not just about the sneakers, it is also about different styles of people on how they wear their sneakers. However, in some circumstances like this (photo on top), if I like the shoes too much, I'd give exceptions. Besides, the blog is not named "Astron Sneaker Hunts" for no reason.

Do you know that the first eight posts have the locations of where I shot them? This post above is the very first one where I abandoned the idea of putting the places in the features.

Another change in the layout of the features happened around October again. Where I now use a uniform font, placing of the number and model name of the sneakers, plus my logo on every feature. I think I'll go with this for a while until I change my mind again and tweak it.. or not.  

Middle of the year I started giving out stuff in the blog. Clavel Sneaker Magazine became the blog's partner and we gave away four issues in the blog. Other stuff that I gave to readers and visitors were Sole Slam Manila (Sneaker Convention) passes, blog stickers, Vans stickers, Vans Fashion Week invites and Converse All Star Lo - Ox Leather. I really like giving away stuff, I do every time I have the chance. So expect more free goods this year, 2012.

The birth of Sneaker Junkies, a segment of the blog where I feature sneaker enthusiasts that I particularly find interesting. I aim to post one per month, but sometimes it's really hard to get people to do the feature, so I just post whenever I have someone to feature. The very first one is the band Radical Something. Cool guys from California doing there thing. In my opinion they're going to be big in the near future, watch out. And the second one I featured is working for Vans U.S., Chris Duran. I met him when he contacted me about the blog, and he featured it at the Vans OTW site (Peep This Blog: Astron Sneaker Hunts), another best of 2011 for the blog.

Lastly, here are my top 20 favorite featured sneakers. It's really hard to choose 20 among 256 pairs, it took me quite a long time to decide, but here's my best of the best. 

In no particular ranking order here are my top 20 picks;

How about you, what's your top 20? Actually, let's make this a little game, the first one who can include my next 10 favorite pairs in their top 20 will get a set of Astron Sneaker Hunts stickers. Just comment your list here in this post. Have a great New Year guys!