ASH Team Recruitment & Sneaker Hunt Process

I have been doing this blog for almost a year now. My initial goal is to reach at least 1000 sneaker/sneaker wearer features. I'm well aware though that, that goal is still far, but with me being busier with other things, the number of features I have been getting had been fewer. Though I haven't been getting a lot of features lately, I'm trying as much as I can to put out content on a daily basis as you can see. Adding two segments to the blog; Threesome and Wares, has helped me keep up. However, I still feel I need to put out more features per month. This has gotten me to fabricate a new system for the blog. Since I really don't travel a lot and I get a good number of visitors from different countries. Having most features from Manila, Philippines won't give the blog's readers justice. As much as I want to do all content and output myself, it would be inadvisable, it will just prevent the blog to grow to its potential.

So, here's how I'm going about it. I will be needing contributors from different places around the world.  Only one contributor/team member per city. Contributors will be expected to give at least one feature per month. I will only require two things for a person to qualify as a contributor; any camera that produces high resolution photos and a set of photos (portfolio or blog) taken by himself. For other details of contributor work and other stuff, that will be discussed privately through email.

What will you get if you become a contributor?

Contributors' names and links will be put in all the content they submit for the blog. They will also be included in the team page in the blog that will be created once the set of contributors are complete. And, hopefully, get good experience, new knowledge and skills by becoming one. I'll try my best to give tips and share my knowledge with you guys.

You can send me an email at if you want to apply as a contributor. Put ASH Team as the subject of your email. Then include all these infos:

Full Name | City & Country you're currently living in | Age | Occupation | Link for your photos/portfolio | Photo of yourself 

I will not accept any applications from the Philippines as of now.

And since I have these photos of me sneaker hunting, I'll also share to you guys how I do it. There are actually four steps on how I do it, (as if it is very hard) They are Prospecting, Approach, Feature and Associate.


I people-watch. Most of the I'm time looking at their feet, however, of course I look at the person too. A lot of people think that this is only a sneaker blog, but another thing that's important here is how the wearer dresses himself up, how he looks particularly. The sentence above with the header tells it all. This is a blog about the contemporary sneaker-driven style of people. That's why sometimes I let good sneakers pass, because most of the time the person wearing them looks boring (no offense, but a little effort could go a long way). But, that does not mean I only feature those who are stylish, it really depends. Let's just say what catches my eye will most likely be a prospect for a feature. My personal taste, in other words.


This has got to be the hardest. I'm particularly a shy guy and approaching random people is no joke. I remember, on the very first day I did the hunt, I passed on a lot of potential features because I just did not have the courage to approach them. But as the blog grew older, I got used to it. Being rejected a lot of times definitely trained me to easily shrug off rejections. It made me learn to just go up to a person and talk to him randomly. First words I say? "Excuse me, is it alright if I take a few photos of you?" And then I'll explain it further while in the conversation.


When they say yes, that awkward feeling I got when I approached them are now transferred to them. I'm just thankful that these people I feature are alright in posing in public. I personally think it is awkward to pose in front of the camera in public, unless you are a professional model or someone who would love to be a model. As you can see in features I get, there are three angles, one full body and two angles of their shoes. It takes around 3-5 minutes to shoot it all. It's like we just bumped into each other, talked for a while and parted ways in a jiffy.


Lastly, I will tell them that I will be posting it soon in my blog. Then give my card to them, or if ever I don't have any card with me, I'll ask them if they want to see it. If they do, I will ask them for paper and pen or their phones for me to give them the URL. This is a vital part of the process since you don't want them looking for their photos blindly in the internet universe. I treat this as my thank you to them, to easily find themselves featured in the blog.


A person below asked a good question that I forgot to explain. The question was about how do I find the model names of each of the sneakers that I feature. A very important part of the blog too that I completely missed, and I apologize for that.

So how do I do it? I am no sneaker expert, that's for sure, and maybe even some of you guys who visit this blog have more knowledge than me. But during the several months that I have been doing this, my knowledge grew exponentially. From knowing just brands, now I know a little more. But in searching for names I usually go about it in this order;

  • If I know the model name, most of the time I still search for it to get its exact colorway or its other possible nicknames.
  • If I don't know its exact model name, I'll search it either by its type and what it looks like, "Nike Air Black/Red" or "Adidas High Blue/White" etc. 
  • Usually, I use the image search of Google.
  • If I still can't find it there, I go to brands' respective websites and try to look for the model there. 
  • Also, of course I look at sneaker blogs. The most helpful and blogs/websites I trust are Nice Kicks, Sneakernews, Sneakerpedia (probably the website that gives me the hardest time, but sometimes they have that one particular pair that everybody else does not have), Sneaker Freaker and Kicksonfire. There are other ones I have visited for infos too, but the ones mentioned are the ones I frequent.
  • Lastly, if I really can't find it anywhere, I resort in either asking you guys and some friends for help or just go and put its brand as its title.

And since I really don't know everything about sneakers, I may have named some models wrong because of wrong sources, outdated ones or I have mistaken a model for another one. Whatever the reason is, I hate naming models wrong, but it is inevitable. So I turn to you guys again, if you know more about a pair than me, don't hesitate to correct me. I'll gladly change it once the correction is proven right. If you have any other questions about the process, don't be shy to ask. You can comment on this post or email me.

Photos by Juni Silva Tumblr | Twitter 
Photo Edits by myself