Astron in Action

Taken by my friend from her phone, this is actually my very first photo while sneaker hunting. Well, a part of how I sneaker hunt. What you don't see there that are part of my routine are long walks around the place, head down most of the time, waiting, approaching (sometimes chasing) and uttering the words "Hey, do you mind if I take a photo of you? It's for my sneaker blog." a lot of the time to surprised passers-by. It's actually not easy to spot some worthy sneaker wearers, because besides looking at sneakers I also check out the person's style. I particularly don't like featuring wearers that are too laid back in terms of style, unless they are wearing something really rare. I find it really boring, just my opinion. On the other hand, you'll get more chance of getting featured if you're wearing alright sneakers paired up with good or different sense of style. (Explains why I take a full body shot of each one.)