Astron Productions: Left A Legacy

As a struggling almost mid-twenty who tries his best to survive without having to work a day job under a company, I try to look for opportunities from the passions I have. Another one besides blogging is, that I am really hooked on producing photographs and film. If you have seen on the side bar, there's a link going to my other upcoming blog, Astron Productions. It is an event/party photo and video blog. In this endeavor, I pursue something that I find really fun, which also helps me to get by somehow.

Check out the latest film I released, Left A Legacy.

This was shot at the Adidas' event at Skye Lounge & Bar featuring DJ Neil Armstrong and sets by Ms. Badkiss and Nix Damn P.

Music mashup of
Niggas in Paris Dubsteppin' - DJ Warrior & Vision
Niggas in Paris - TBMA Remix

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