Astron Sneaker Hunts: Sticker Contest

This has been delayed for so long already, these stuff are supposed to be given away back in Februrary for my anniversary month. But delayed or not, here it is, a chance for you guys to show your creativity and take home a bundle of free goods. I have here three bundles of goods, two for guys and one for a girl (or if the girls' Vans fit you, you like pink and you're a guy then you can have this bundle). Before anything else I would like to thank my good friends from Vans Philippines, Groupe de Ville, Lucky Laces and Clavel Sneaker Magazine for hooking me up with these goods.

Some more instructions and guidelines you might want to know before joining this contest;

- You can send in as many entries as you want, but doing so makes it harder for you to win in the criteria of Facebook likes, which will have one winner out of the three.
- The bundles are almost the same with one another, except that one of the two Vans sneakers are for women/girls. And the colors of the shoe laces from Lucky Laces are permanent for each bundle, no exchanging.
- Do not forget, include all these details when you send in your entries; "Sticker Contest" as subject, full name, age and title for your sticker design. An entry that's incomplete will not be qualified.
- The two winners that will be chosen, will be my top two personal favorites. There will be absolutely no bias in choosing the winning designs, what catches my eye and I find really creative will win.
- If you have questions about the contest hit the comments section of this post or email me at

Submission of entries will only be until March 19, 2012. Voting period will be from March 20 to 26, 2012. I will announce winners on March 27, 2012.