Free Goods: Clavel Sneaker Magazine

Hey, this is the very first time I'm actually writing on this blog because I usually put my thoughts in a separate page. However, this one's really a part of this sneaker blog so yeah.. from now on I will incorporate blog posts with words in this blog.. sometimes. 

And by the way, I have a new page up (which you can see above my logo, beside "Contact"), Free Goods. The page will be for freebies that I will be giving out to lucky viewers. I will give it away via a game, contest or the simplest form of giving away.. just randomly give them away. It will depend on how big the item is, or how a sponsor wants it to be given away. But one thing's for sure, I will try my best to horde as much free stuff as I can for you guys to enjoy. 

The very first item I'm giving away is Clavel Sneaker Magazine's latest issue with Fiona Rochford on the cover. I will be giving out 5 pcs. to 5 people (one magazine each) with good answers to my question "What is your favorite sneakers pair among the sneakers that you have?" in my Facebook page. Easy as that! Go on and share your favorite and most rocked pair!