Indefinite Hiatus

Hi everyone, I know this doesn't make up for suddenly abandoning this blog, but I hope you would understand. I owe a lot of things to this blog and to everyone who kept on visiting. Those who truly became avid followers, you guys are insanely awesome! Also, to those who I met through this blog, I am very glad to have engaged and interacted with you. But I guess, all good things will come to an end.. or just an indefinite hiatus.

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Through this blog I learned a lot that pushed me to pursue the things I love. I created more things after this blog's inception and little success. I am grateful for what I have experienced through this. Now, I'm moving to new things and another chapter in my life. I hope that the support you gave Astron Sneaker Hunts will also be given to my new concept and website.

I hope to see you lurking around Purveyr soon. For this one, let's see what the future holds.

P.S. You can also follow me personally on Instagram. If ever you do, let me know you're a reader of Astron Sneaker Hunts, that would be wonderful.

- Marvin