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Bensimon Press Launch

Last week I was invited at the Bensimon press launch at Enderun. Bensimon is a footwear and apparel brand from France, which is newly available locally through select stores. Media and guests were treated to experience the French way of living; food, ambiance and the brand. After the break is a photo compilation of the said event.

Vans Classic & Manila Official Trailer

Classic & Manila was organized by Vans to support creative self expression through Music and Art. The venue was filled with different Vans custom shoes designed by local artists. While the crowd was hyped up by beats from DJ Jena, DJ Thea & DJ Sanya and were amazed by the talents of the OTW Girls, Julie Anne San Jose, Bea Binene & Yssa Alvarez. The night was capped off by the rockin’ performances of Moonstar88, Save Me Hollywood & General Luna.

You probably have seen a first version of this, which I have posted and made last week. This is the shorter and official version. What do you think? What do you like better?

Also don't forget to visit Vans Philippines' pages; Facebook and Twitter.

Music: Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz (Medium Troy Remix)

Crocs Collection Press Release

I was invited to check out Crocs' press release about their upcoming collection. Didn't arrive in time to see them present it but was able to capture more or less the top-notchers in local fashion blogging that attended the event and some products they are currently carrying. It's something very different than I am accustomed to, but it was a nice experience. I would definitely love to try every part and side of the sneaker/footwear culture.

Vans Classic & Manila

I was invited to cover Vans Classic & Manila last Saturday. At first step inside, I was immediately impressed on how the place is done. And more impressed on the customized shoes made by various artists. Besides the art and sneakers, music was a main part of the event. DJs, musicians and bands performed live to make the event even more exciting.

Music: 99 Days - Jay-Z vs. The Glitch Mob (Carlos Serrano Mix)

Corruption Paisley Launch at Complex

Yesterday I was invited to drop by Complex Lifestyle Store's event where they launched the new version of the renowned snapback of WIP Caps, the Corruption snapback, now with Paisley under-brims. Along with the launch, the store also released their new collection from Creative Recreation. Check out more photos after the break.

ASH Team Recruitment & Sneaker Hunt Process

I have been doing this blog for almost a year now. My initial goal is to reach at least 1000 sneaker/sneaker wearer features. I'm well aware though that, that goal is still far, but with me being busier with other things, the number of features I have been getting had been fewer. Though I haven't been getting a lot of features lately, I'm trying as much as I can to put out content on a daily basis as you can see. Adding two segments to the blog; Threesome and Wares, has helped me keep up. However, I still feel I need to put out more features per month. This has gotten me to fabricate a new system for the blog. Since I really don't travel a lot and I get a good number of visitors from different countries. Having most features from Manila, Philippines won't give the blog's readers justice. As much as I want to do all content and output myself, it would be inadvisable, it will just prevent the blog to grow to its potential.

So, here's how I'm going about it. I will be needing contributors from different places around the world.  Only one contributor/team member per city. Contributors will be expected to give at least one feature per month. I will only require two things for a person to qualify as a contributor; any camera that produces high resolution photos and a set of photos (portfolio or blog) taken by himself. For other details of contributor work and other stuff, that will be discussed privately through email.

What will you get if you become a contributor?

Contributors' names and links will be put in all the content they submit for the blog. They will also be included in the team page in the blog that will be created once the set of contributors are complete. And, hopefully, get good experience, new knowledge and skills by becoming one. I'll try my best to give tips and share my knowledge with you guys.

You can send me an email at if you want to apply as a contributor. Put ASH Team as the subject of your email. Then include all these infos:

Full Name | City & Country you're currently living in | Age | Occupation | Link for your photos/portfolio | Photo of yourself 

I will not accept any applications from the Philippines as of now.

And since I have these photos of me sneaker hunting, I'll also share to you guys how I do it. There are actually four steps on how I do it, (as if it is very hard) They are Prospecting, Approach, Feature and Associate.


I people-watch. Most of the I'm time looking at their feet, however, of course I look at the person too. A lot of people think that this is only a sneaker blog, but another thing that's important here is how the wearer dresses himself up, how he looks particularly. The sentence above with the header tells it all. This is a blog about the contemporary sneaker-driven style of people. That's why sometimes I let good sneakers pass, because most of the time the person wearing them looks boring (no offense, but a little effort could go a long way). But, that does not mean I only feature those who are stylish, it really depends. Let's just say what catches my eye will most likely be a prospect for a feature. My personal taste, in other words.


This has got to be the hardest. I'm particularly a shy guy and approaching random people is no joke. I remember, on the very first day I did the hunt, I passed on a lot of potential features because I just did not have the courage to approach them. But as the blog grew older, I got used to it. Being rejected a lot of times definitely trained me to easily shrug off rejections. It made me learn to just go up to a person and talk to him randomly. First words I say? "Excuse me, is it alright if I take a few photos of you?" And then I'll explain it further while in the conversation.


When they say yes, that awkward feeling I got when I approached them are now transferred to them. I'm just thankful that these people I feature are alright in posing in public. I personally think it is awkward to pose in front of the camera in public, unless you are a professional model or someone who would love to be a model. As you can see in features I get, there are three angles, one full body and two angles of their shoes. It takes around 3-5 minutes to shoot it all. It's like we just bumped into each other, talked for a while and parted ways in a jiffy.


Lastly, I will tell them that I will be posting it soon in my blog. Then give my card to them, or if ever I don't have any card with me, I'll ask them if they want to see it. If they do, I will ask them for paper and pen or their phones for me to give them the URL. This is a vital part of the process since you don't want them looking for their photos blindly in the internet universe. I treat this as my thank you to them, to easily find themselves featured in the blog.


A person below asked a good question that I forgot to explain. The question was about how do I find the model names of each of the sneakers that I feature. A very important part of the blog too that I completely missed, and I apologize for that.

So how do I do it? I am no sneaker expert, that's for sure, and maybe even some of you guys who visit this blog have more knowledge than me. But during the several months that I have been doing this, my knowledge grew exponentially. From knowing just brands, now I know a little more. But in searching for names I usually go about it in this order;

  • If I know the model name, most of the time I still search for it to get its exact colorway or its other possible nicknames.
  • If I don't know its exact model name, I'll search it either by its type and what it looks like, "Nike Air Black/Red" or "Adidas High Blue/White" etc. 
  • Usually, I use the image search of Google.
  • If I still can't find it there, I go to brands' respective websites and try to look for the model there. 
  • Also, of course I look at sneaker blogs. The most helpful and blogs/websites I trust are Nice Kicks, Sneakernews, Sneakerpedia (probably the website that gives me the hardest time, but sometimes they have that one particular pair that everybody else does not have), Sneaker Freaker and Kicksonfire. There are other ones I have visited for infos too, but the ones mentioned are the ones I frequent.
  • Lastly, if I really can't find it anywhere, I resort in either asking you guys and some friends for help or just go and put its brand as its title.

And since I really don't know everything about sneakers, I may have named some models wrong because of wrong sources, outdated ones or I have mistaken a model for another one. Whatever the reason is, I hate naming models wrong, but it is inevitable. So I turn to you guys again, if you know more about a pair than me, don't hesitate to correct me. I'll gladly change it once the correction is proven right. If you have any other questions about the process, don't be shy to ask. You can comment on this post or email me.

Photos by Juni Silva Tumblr | Twitter 
Photo Edits by myself

Vans Vault at Sole Academy

Last Friday, Sole Academy celebrated the adoption of their newest family member, the Vans Vault collection. I was lucky enough to be invited and cover it. Though rain poured hard enough to soak people up, the event did all the event-goers a favor. Their warm welcome, great food and amazing product compensated for any Friday stress one could've experienced. Check out their Vault collection as soon as you can, stocks won't last long, I'm sure.

The Academy Vault

I have been very busy last week and also this week, hence the very few posts on the blog. However, I thank everyone for still visiting the blog nonetheless. I'm hoping to get back on track next week, but for now here's an event invitation you guys should check out. Sole Academy, will reveal their Vans Vault collection on the 20th, this Friday by 7pm. I personally think you should not miss this. As exclusive as Vans Vault sounds, their designs live to its name. Priding themselves of having the most sought out pairs and given one of the highest significance in the footwear industry. Also, I will be sneaker hunting during the event since I haven't had enough time to get around that much anymore. I'm hoping to see y'all there!

Vault by Vans is a timeless collection of Vans styles inspired by modern street fashion, art, music and our 40-plus year of heritage in skateboarding and surfing. 


Vans is the original action sports footwear brand grounded in youth, authenticity, and individual style. 

Our purpose is to embody and represent the creativity and self expression at the core of action sports and youth culture.

Astron Productions: Left A Legacy

As a struggling almost mid-twenty who tries his best to survive without having to work a day job under a company, I try to look for opportunities from the passions I have. Another one besides blogging is, that I am really hooked on producing photographs and film. If you have seen on the side bar, there's a link going to my other upcoming blog, Astron Productions. It is an event/party photo and video blog. In this endeavor, I pursue something that I find really fun, which also helps me to get by somehow.

Check out the latest film I released, Left A Legacy.

This was shot at the Adidas' event at Skye Lounge & Bar featuring DJ Neil Armstrong and sets by Ms. Badkiss and Nix Damn P.

Music mashup of
Niggas in Paris Dubsteppin' - DJ Warrior & Vision
Niggas in Paris - TBMA Remix

You can show your support by liking my facebook page, following me on twitter or regularly visiting the blog. If you are interested in inviting me to some other parties or events, or in collaborating for a project, hit me up at

Vans 46th Anniversary!

I have to admit, Vans is a favorite sneaker brand of mine, so I'm really happy that they've been providing great stuff for 46 years now. Drop by their stores and greet them, they might have something for you.

Saturday Pairs

If you read my past post about the release of my collaboration shirt (raglan) with Groupe de Ville this coming Saturday, you'd know I'll be giving away two pairs of Vans sneakers. One for girls and one for guys. And these are the two pairs that Vans gave me

For the guys: Vans Vault Sk8 Hi Notchback LX "Classic Blue"

For the girls: Vans Girls Slip-On Lo Pro "Hawaiian"

I personally thank Vans Philippines for sharing some kicks with us. And always bringing something new and fresh on the table. By the way, if you want to have a chance to take one of the two pairs you should be in the pop-up release on Saturday and you should get yourself the shirt. See y'all there!

Like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter, you don't want to miss out on the updates.

More photos after the jump.

Works For Kicks - Collaboration Shirt Release

It's a good day, but a better day is coming. On March 3, 2012, with Groupe de Ville, we will release our collaboration shirt at UNSCHLD's flagship store, at The Deck, Ronac Art Center, Ortigas Ave. cor. Santolan Road, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines

Selling of the shirt will start by 3pm, but you can go as early as you want to get first dibs, because our stocks for that day will be very limited. Also, we will be raffling free Vans sneakers on the release, so if you don't need to be anywhere else until 6pm, I encourage you to stay. All who will buy the shirt are the only ones who will have the chance to win free pairs of shoes. A pair for a girl and another for a guy. So I'm also encouraging all my female readers to drop by and buy a shirt, you just might bring home fresh new Vans sneakers with your Astron x Groupe shirt. Hope to see you guys there!

6pm will be the announcing of the winners of the free pairs of Vans. We will only give away the free pairs to those who will be there by that time. As of now, I think I will be giving away Vans Vault Surf pairs. I think you guys would not want to miss that. 

Detailed photos of the shirt after the break.

Something New

After spending a day away from my laptop, I came home expecting another Tetris Battle invitation on Facebook, a spam tweet and an email from Facebook and Twitter telling me I have new notifications on both sites. However, today was different, I received an email from Joe of Camouflage Recordings. But what it says, I'll leave it a secret for now.

However, I can't leave you guys without any clue, so here are some key words about this post;
Foster the People album

If you still can't get a slightest hint of what this is about, here are two photos for teasers. Expect the second part of this post by next week.

Events: Keds Exhibit

Keds Philippines launched themselves into new heights. As a pioneer in the sneaker game, though more of a staple than a designer shoe, this brand is still a great addition to your sneaker collection. A dash of simplicity amongst the rare and the flashy is always good. 

The exhibit was at Secret Fresh's gallery at the Ronac Art Center from 5-10pm of December 5, 2011. Filled with novelties, Keds sneakers, photos and memorabilia, the venue was vibrant and full of heritage, and the photo above as proof. Paul Newman, Audrey Hepburn, The Ramones, John F. Kennedy, and other personalities wore the esteemed sneakers.

Events: Sperry Top-Sider Flagship Store Opening

Last Saturday I went to Sperry Top-Sider's store opening in Trinoma. People were lining up outside, and inside, people enjoyed it too much to want to go out of the store. It was a successful opening event. You guys should definitely check out the store, the only Sperry Top-Sider store outside of the U.S. Isn't that awesome, the only one, and it's here in our country. 

This is Michelle, a part of the company's marketing team. Great event Michelle! Keep pushing the sneaker/shoe scene in the Philippines. And thanks for the invite, till the next one! 

Photos after the break are some of the Sperry models that I particulary like, check them out! 

Events: Super Brands Super Sale

This is completely out of context, but my friend who's part of this asked me to blog about this event, and I just can't say no to her. So here you go, Super Brands Super Sale from December 2-4, 2011. Don't worry, there's something for you sneaker enthusiasts there! If you check out the poster, you'll see brands like Adidas, Timberland, Sebago and Hush Puppies. I know, I know, no Nike's, Jordan's, Reebok's, and those sneakerhead brands, but can you pass up a 70%-off sale on all those other brands? Worth the time in my opinion. Check them out at Megatrade Hall 3, 5th Level, Mega B, SM Megamall.

Events/Free Goods: Christmas Sole Slam Manila 2011

Because Sole Slam Manila 2011 was a hit, the team organized Christmas Sole Slam Manila 2011 to accommodate others who didn't get to experience the event. This time, on a Saturday, I'm expecting a lot more people compared to the first one. More sneakers, more sneakerheads. 

And in the spirit of giving, the team was generous enough to give away free passes. So I'll be giving away 6 passes, two passes each for three persons. How to win them? Follow me on twitter, then tweet "@iamAstron I want to go to #SoleSlamManila!" and then comment on this post your twitter name. I will announce winners by December 6, 2011 on my twitter. I will choose the three lucky people randomly. This giveaway is only available to local readers, unless you're willing to fly here to go to the event.

Events: Sole Slam Manila 2011 Video Recap

Where have you been last September 11, 2011? Yes, we all remembered what happened to New York on that day, but there was something other than that, that was great that happened too. Over 3000 guests flocked the event, everyone in feature-worthy sneakers. This video is a brief recap of what happened in the event. Preoccupied by sneaker hunting, I only got to shot few footages, but hopefully it is complete enough to showcase the event. It is a thriving community, though far from being mainstream it shows great potential. Give it 2-5 more years and maybe it'll be big enough to be recognized in sneaker countries such as U.S., Singapore, Japan, Australia and countries in Europe. The future for the sneaker culture is definitely bright.

Music: Electronic Dream - Araabmuzik

Events: Sole Slam Manila 2011

Sole Slam Manila 2011
September 11, 2011
Ronac Art Center Playground

I can't wait for this event to happen, the very first Sneaker Convention in the Philippines. I'm quite excited to see how big the sneaker community is, here in the country and as well as look for rare and authentic kicks to feature. It's been a while since I was in a place with lots of sneakers and sneaker wearers. This specific day will definitely be great for sneakers. If you are interested, call or text the numbers written in the poster now, coz from what I've heard, tickets are running low already. See y'all there!!