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Free Goods: Mizuno BE P2000-Off GC

This will go on until I choose the winner by December 25, 2012. To join and have a chance to win the 2000 Php discount card for any Mizuno BE pair, like my Facebook page, Mizuno PH's Facebook page and like this same photo that is posted on my Facebook page. I will choose one winner from all those valid contestants who followed all the three instructions. Good luck everyone! And also, Merry Christmas to all!

Sticker Contest Winners

I met up with the winners of my anniversary contest last week. Two are winners via my personal choice and one won because of the votes/likes his entry received in Facebook

Dave Due's design won as my second favorite. It's simply well-designed. I like how the words pop-out perfectly because of the use of colors and also, the font fits the feel of the design entirely.

David Villania III's design received 735 votes/likes. You can't ignore the effort there, you just have to give it up to him. 

And here's Jerryk Gutierrez' design, my first pick. By the way that's her sister, because he can't meet me to get it. I'm truly a fan of this work, a little more refining and he's gonna be a great artist. 

Thank you to all who joined the contest, I really appreciate the effort and time you guys gave. I hope to have some more stuff to give to you guys in the future. Thanks again!

Sticker Design Contest Entries

I just posted all the entries in my Facebook page, besides the two that I will choose as winners, one will win via the highest likes. You can vote now until April 3, 2012. Below are the top five entries that I particularly like, how about you, what are you favorites?

Astron Sneaker Hunts: Sticker Contest

This has been delayed for so long already, these stuff are supposed to be given away back in Februrary for my anniversary month. But delayed or not, here it is, a chance for you guys to show your creativity and take home a bundle of free goods. I have here three bundles of goods, two for guys and one for a girl (or if the girls' Vans fit you, you like pink and you're a guy then you can have this bundle). Before anything else I would like to thank my good friends from Vans Philippines, Groupe de Ville, Lucky Laces and Clavel Sneaker Magazine for hooking me up with these goods.

Some more instructions and guidelines you might want to know before joining this contest;

- You can send in as many entries as you want, but doing so makes it harder for you to win in the criteria of Facebook likes, which will have one winner out of the three.
- The bundles are almost the same with one another, except that one of the two Vans sneakers are for women/girls. And the colors of the shoe laces from Lucky Laces are permanent for each bundle, no exchanging.
- Do not forget, include all these details when you send in your entries; "Sticker Contest" as subject, full name, age and title for your sticker design. An entry that's incomplete will not be qualified.
- The two winners that will be chosen, will be my top two personal favorites. There will be absolutely no bias in choosing the winning designs, what catches my eye and I find really creative will win.
- If you have questions about the contest hit the comments section of this post or email me at

Submission of entries will only be until March 19, 2012. Voting period will be from March 20 to 26, 2012. I will announce winners on March 27, 2012. 

Events/Free Goods: Christmas Sole Slam Manila 2011

Because Sole Slam Manila 2011 was a hit, the team organized Christmas Sole Slam Manila 2011 to accommodate others who didn't get to experience the event. This time, on a Saturday, I'm expecting a lot more people compared to the first one. More sneakers, more sneakerheads. 

And in the spirit of giving, the team was generous enough to give away free passes. So I'll be giving away 6 passes, two passes each for three persons. How to win them? Follow me on twitter, then tweet "@iamAstron I want to go to #SoleSlamManila!" and then comment on this post your twitter name. I will announce winners by December 6, 2011 on my twitter. I will choose the three lucky people randomly. This giveaway is only available to local readers, unless you're willing to fly here to go to the event.

Free Goods: Clavel Sneaker Magazine "Volume 8 - 2011"

We are again fortunate, Clavel Sneaker Magazine is going to give out 5pcs. of their latest issue for free, thru my blog. Have a chance to win one magazine by following me and Clavel on twitter. Then to win, you should answer questions that I will tweet 9pm every night, starting tonight. All questions will be about the sneakers I have featured, so it will be very easy. The first ones who answer each question right will get to win one magazine, a total of 5 winners, one for each question.

Don't forget to check twitter by 9pm!
Update: Please include "@iamAstron @clavlemagazine #astrongiveaway" on your answers. And you can also view past questions by searching on that hash tag too.

Free Goods: Vans Philippine Fashion Week Invites

I'll be giving out 10 Vans Philippine Fashion Week Invites to five randomly-picked winners (2 invites each) thru twitter. Here's what you need to do:

1. Follow @iamAstron and @VansPHManila on twitter.
2. Tweet this "@vansphmanila @iamastron I want to go to #vanspfw"
3. Wait until tomorrow evening (October 27, 2011) for the announcement of winners.

Free Goods: A Pair of Sneakers (Update)

Reminding everyone, (locally) that my competition is still ongoing. You still have around five more days until the competition ends. This right here is what you'll take home if you get to win the competition. A pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lo Ox Leather. Click the link for competition instructions. 

Deadline for entries is moved to Oct. 31, 2011, and winners will be announced the next day.

Then for those who joined and didn't win, there will be a consolation prize for the top five entries with the highest likes. They will receive Clavel Magazine's current issue. (Photo below)

Free Goods: A Pair of Sneakers

If you have any questions about the promo do not hesitate to ask me thru commenting on this post or on my Facebook page. This giveaway is a sign of great appreciation to everyone who keeps on visiting my blog and for the celebration of reaching my 200th sneaker feature. Thank you!

Only available to readers from the Philippines.

Free Goods: Astron Sneaker Hunts Stickers

I'm not sure if you'd like these, but I'm giving out some! I'll give out two stickers each to the first five people who puts a comment on my wall in my Facebook page. That easy. Remember, the first five! Then after that, these stickers will only be given to those who I'll feature in the blog. So in a sense, they'll be limited. And, by the way, they are of outdoor quality and water-proof, really neat if you ask me.

Free Goods: Sole Slam Manila Free Passes

On September 11, 2011 the first ever sneaker event in Manila (in my knowledge) will take place in Ronac Art Center. If you can't find your favorite Jordans, Nikes, Adidas Originals and more, you have to be in this event, they have everything. Sneaker collectors and sellers will sell and trade in the event. And if you want more than sneakers, Sole Slam Manila is the event to go to.

As a plus, I'll be giving out two passes for free, since tickets are almost sold out. To win the passes, you should create a witty tag line for my blog, it can be serious or funny as long as I can actually use it. The two most creative will win a pass each. Comment in your tag lines with your Name and Email Address. 

And if you're going in the event, wear your best kicks, I'll be there to spot some notable sneakers and sneaker wearers for the blog. See you!

I will announce the winners on August 29, 2011.

Free Goods: Vans Stickers & Key Chains

I was supposed to give these away last weekend, but because our internet connection was bipolar I didn't get to. So, now here's your chance to get yourself some Vans stickers and key chain! There will be two winners, all you have to do is comment on this post why you love Vans, the two most creative and entertaining answers will be chosen. Be sure to leave your email, for me to contact you if ever you win.

Winners will be announced on August 23, 2011, Tuesday. Good luck everyone!

Free Goods: Clavel Sneaker Magazine "August 2011"

Clavel Sneaker Magazine
August 2011

Have you checked out Clavel Sneaker Magazine's new issue? If not, don't worry, I'll be giving out 5 pieces again. All you need to do is tweet "I love #sneakers!" and mention both @IamAstron and @ClavelMagazine. I will pick 5 lucky winners in random by August 15, 2011. Good luck!!!

I checked out the issue myself, and there are a lot of good stuff in there! You might wanna even cop yourself one if you can't get a free one here. It's a good buy! Support the local scene! 

Free Goods: Clavel Sneaker Magazine

Hey, this is the very first time I'm actually writing on this blog because I usually put my thoughts in a separate page. However, this one's really a part of this sneaker blog so yeah.. from now on I will incorporate blog posts with words in this blog.. sometimes. 

And by the way, I have a new page up (which you can see above my logo, beside "Contact"), Free Goods. The page will be for freebies that I will be giving out to lucky viewers. I will give it away via a game, contest or the simplest form of giving away.. just randomly give them away. It will depend on how big the item is, or how a sponsor wants it to be given away. But one thing's for sure, I will try my best to horde as much free stuff as I can for you guys to enjoy. 

The very first item I'm giving away is Clavel Sneaker Magazine's latest issue with Fiona Rochford on the cover. I will be giving out 5 pcs. to 5 people (one magazine each) with good answers to my question "What is your favorite sneakers pair among the sneakers that you have?" in my Facebook page. Easy as that! Go on and share your favorite and most rocked pair!