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Titan Glorietta 5 Opening

The basketball concept retail store, Titan has opened another store. They just recently opened their shop at Glorietta 5, Makati. I dropped by to see some friends and how their new store looks like. As usual it's the great marriage of basketball, sneakers, style and grooming in one location. Check out the few photos I took while I was at the event below. If you like what you see, better visit them now. 

Bensimon Press Launch

Last week I was invited at the Bensimon press launch at Enderun. Bensimon is a footwear and apparel brand from France, which is newly available locally through select stores. Media and guests were treated to experience the French way of living; food, ambiance and the brand. After the break is a photo compilation of the said event.

Vans Vault at Sole Academy

Last Friday, Sole Academy celebrated the adoption of their newest family member, the Vans Vault collection. I was lucky enough to be invited and cover it. Though rain poured hard enough to soak people up, the event did all the event-goers a favor. Their warm welcome, great food and amazing product compensated for any Friday stress one could've experienced. Check out their Vault collection as soon as you can, stocks won't last long, I'm sure.

Astron Productions: Left A Legacy

As a struggling almost mid-twenty who tries his best to survive without having to work a day job under a company, I try to look for opportunities from the passions I have. Another one besides blogging is, that I am really hooked on producing photographs and film. If you have seen on the side bar, there's a link going to my other upcoming blog, Astron Productions. It is an event/party photo and video blog. In this endeavor, I pursue something that I find really fun, which also helps me to get by somehow.

Check out the latest film I released, Left A Legacy.

Apostille services -
This was shot at the Adidas' event at Skye Lounge & Bar featuring DJ Neil Armstrong and sets by Ms. Badkiss and Nix Damn P.

Music mashup of
Niggas in Paris Dubsteppin' - DJ Warrior & Vision
Niggas in Paris - TBMA Remix

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Astron in Action

Taken by my friend from her phone, this is actually my very first photo while sneaker hunting. Well, a part of how I sneaker hunt. What you don't see there that are part of my routine are long walks around the place, head down most of the time, waiting, approaching (sometimes chasing) and uttering the words "Hey, do you mind if I take a photo of you? It's for my sneaker blog." a lot of the time to surprised passers-by. It's actually not easy to spot some worthy sneaker wearers, because besides looking at sneakers I also check out the person's style. I particularly don't like featuring wearers that are too laid back in terms of style, unless they are wearing something really rare. I find it really boring, just my opinion. On the other hand, you'll get more chance of getting featured if you're wearing alright sneakers paired up with good or different sense of style. (Explains why I take a full body shot of each one.)