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Sneaker Junkies: Lester Jones

If you read my about page already you'll know this guy right here is a main inspiration of mine in doing this blog. He is Lester, he runs the blog I Dig Your Sole Man. The blog is similar to mine, but focuses more on the relationship that sneaker wearers have with their sneakers. He talks to them, and maybe more impressive he sits down with them, talk about it and some more things. It is a really great concept, seeing the value of sneakers to numerous different wearers and collectors. Another thing that his blog is proud of, is his relationship with the cities he goes to and the brands he works with.

But, I was honestly a little hesitant on contacting him because it's not impossible to look at my blog and his, and say my blog is somehow a knockoff of his. But I wouldn't really care if people will compare my blog to his, you get to learn and do stuff by getting inspiration from other people, and that's what I did, I'm thankful for that. Also he's a bright guy and I think he would be perfect for this segment of the blog, so I continued on and gave it a shot. Luckily, he replied and agreed on doing the feature. I was really excited when he did. Check what he has to say below.

1. Name?
Lester Jones, aka. Sole Digger

2. Occupation?
Photographer/Videographer, TV Producer & Director and Writer

3. Website/Twitter/Facebook?

4. Where did you grow up?
Hertfordshire and London in the UK, before I moved to Australia 4 years ago and I now live in Sydney.

Converse Jack Purcell First String

5. How many pairs of footwear do you have?
Probably not as many as you think, as while a lot of people think I'm a big collector I only have about 30 pairs of shoes. Through my photography and the I Dig Your Sole Man project my interest is more focused on other people's collections and their relationship with their shoes than my own, although I never say no to a free pair!

6. When did you start to get hooked on sneakers/shoes?
While I've always been interested in footwear, I started to get really interested in other people's relationship with their shoes about 2 and a half years ago when I launched I Dig Your Sole Man.  It was around this time that I noticed that there are loads of high-end fashion street blogs out there which look great, but if you don't know all about Satorial fashion you might be missing something.  It dawned on me that nobody was making a street blog about sneaker culture and urban style, and I started using my photography to document this world and it's people, and the rest as they say is history.
Sneakers seem to represent a universal language, and although shoes are the focus of my work being involved with this world opens up all sorts of doors, meeting some fascinating people and going to some incredible places all relating to footwear, fashion, and urban style.

7. What's your go-to everyday sneakers/shoes?
I can't say I have one everyday go-to sneakers as I'm always mixing it up with brands and looks ranging from old school adidas originals, Nike classics, ever-reliable New Balance 574s, or more low key brands like Spring Court, Vans or my new Jack Purcells (which came courtesy of Converse - thanks guys!).  For a curveball I might also stick on a pair of Nike Frees, but regardless of what I wear I'm not interested in bright colours or flossing and instead focus on clean and simple designs that work well with an outfit.

Nike Blazer

8. What's the pair that you don't have but wanted to get ever since?
This isn't anything too fancy but probably some Jordan IIIs, and maybe some Yeezy's.  I'm also into some of the premium brands like Common Projects, their product is fanastic.

9. If you can only wear one pair your whole life, what will it be?
Come on - who could honestly restrict themselves to just one pair of shoes when there is so much great product out there!

10. Best place to shop for sneakers/shoes?
London and New York - in both cities I'm like a kid in a sweet shop.  In the UK Size? has an amazing range that I always love, while in New York it seems that every street corner has it's own goldmine, although I am disappointed that Classic Kicks is now shut as I used to love that store.  
I spend most of my time in Australia at the moment though which has been hit hard by the ability to buy overseas product on the internet, but to counter that chains like Platypus and Hype DC as well as Independent stores like Laced in Brisbane are offering some great product at present.

New Balance London Pack

11. How can a person be successful in what he/she is passionate about?
Success and passion don't always go hand in hand.  Hard work, commitment, and the ability to get on with people helps though!

All photos are credited to ' © Lester Jones 2012'

Do not forget to drop by his blog!

Sneaker Junkies: Chris Duran

In this feature, get to know a good man, a Vans HQ (U.S.) Marketing Assistant, handler of Vans OTW twitter and a contributor in the OTW blog, Chris Duran, on his love for sneakers, in particular his great jaw-dropping collection of very rare Vans pairs.

1. Name?
Chris Duran

2. Occupation?
Marketing Assistant at Vans U.S.

3. Website/Twitter/Facebook?

4. Where did you grow up?
Covina, CA about 20 miles east of Los Angeles

5. How many pairs of footwear do you have?
Psssh the last time I checked it was over 60 but I've given some pairs away since then. I'm trying to consolidate, apartment closets aren't made for sneaker collecting!

6. When did you start to get hooked on sneakers?
About 8 years ago in my junior year of high school. I grew up in the era of basketball shoes and wanted to be different, so I wore skateboard shoes. The most popular skate shoe at the time was the Classic Slip-On but I still needed something a little less mainstream and chose the SK8-HI as my shoe of choice! I love the SK8-HI! They remind me of boots without the discomfort of the hard leather soles. As I got older my tastes matured and needed sneakers with a more sophisticated look. I discovered limited edition/premium lines like Vault by Vans and really got into it. At the height of my sneaker collecting, I copped at least 3 pairs of shoes a month.

7. What's your go-to everyday sneakers/shoes?
It's a tie! I run the Akat LX a lot as well as the Pritchard. They're comfy and casual dressy. I really appreciate the detail on the Akat. I pretty much dig anything Taka Hayashi does, he can do no wrong!

8. What's the pair that you don't have but wanted to get ever since?
The Marc Jacobs denim Sk8-hi! I've searched high and low for that with little luck. The only times I have seen them on sale is on eBay but they're usually listed at outrageous reseller prices and I'm not down for that!

9. If you can only wear one pair your whole life, what will it be?
Like I said earlier, I'm a huge TH fan. I really dig the TH-Hi LX where he redid the SK8-Hi with Pendleton wool on the uppers and used moccasin stitching throughout the foot. The release was so limited and I really thought I wouldn't be able to track down a pair! I watched the sneaker blogs all throughout the month of December 2010 and as soon as I got word they had shipped, I called Bows & Arrows in Berkeley as soon as they opened. I called them right at 10am and got the only 10.5 in that region of California! Two hours later all stores that had received the Taka pack had sold out. Since then, the TH LX has been a good luck charm for me and I've received a lot of good news while wearing them. It's also a good conversation piece because strangers will come up and ask me where I got them or they'll just compliment my kicks. So for the hunt, the good luck and the cool people I've met because of them, I will say the TH LX. Sorry for the long-winded reply!

10. Best place to shop for sneakers/shoes?
I'm going to tip my hat to Bows & Arrows in Berkeley and Blends in Southern California! Both have always provided great customer service and fast shipping!

11. What's your favorite color?
Brown's a good color for me!

Photos by Chris

A huge thank you to Chris for accepting my request on doing this feature and sharing us his thoughts and collection. You showed us that a love for sneakers can get you places, in your experience, land you a job in a world-renowned footwear company that you liked ever since.

Catch Chris tweeting at and check the Vans OTW brand out, they have a sleek collection. Something you non-skateboarding fanatics (and those fanatics too) would surely love.

Sneaker Junkies: Radical Something

This have been in the works for quite a while now. A new segment for the blog other than just going around and taking photos of sneakers of people. But of course, sneaker hunting is still what this blog is all about. This new segment is just another project about sneakers and people, but now, a little bit more personal. We'll know who is featured, know what they do, and what they like. 

About who will be featured in this segment? Here, it will be about people whom I find interesting that loves sneakers. And hopefully you guys will find them interesting too.

Sneaker Junkies, a compilation of interesting people's love and idea for/of sneakers. 

First up, the band Radical Something. I would say it's kind of strange on how I knew this guys. I stumbled upon their music on Hypetrak, and upon hearing some songs I got hooked. Being the twitter-talkative as I am, I tweeted about it them, not knowing they have twitter. The next thing I know @WeAreRadical tweeted me. We exchanged thoughts for a while, and eventually led to do this feature. It was just timely for the idea I was molding at the moment, and they were pretty cool, so I thought why not start this project with them. So here's the trio answering a couple of questions, and some photos of them which they sent me. 

1. Name/s?
We are Radical Something, composed of Loggy, Josh Cocktail and Big Red.

L-R: Big Red, Josh Cocktail and Loggy

2. Occupation?
We are a hip hop soul collective rebirthing a community of pop music.

3. Web presence?
Check us out at; 

4. Where did you grow up?
Loggy and Big Red grew up in the bay area of California, while (Josh) Cocktail grew up in Los Angeles.

5. What style of sneakers do you guys prefer?
It's funny how we all have our own styles and feelings towards sneakers. Loggy has always rocked Vans like it's his job. Red has a collection of shoes with a variety that is all over the map, and Cocktail has every Nike he's ever owned.

They are on tour now, and you know there's no chance anyone can bring the collection with them on the road right? Here are their partners in crime.

6. What's your go-to everyday sneakers?
Loggy - Blue Vans (every day)
Red - Canvas Vans with orange laces
Cocktail - Been rocking this leather Nike's copped in NY on our last trip

7. What's the pair that you don't have but wanted to get ever since?
We actually all love the Canvas Nike SB Dunk from like 2005 (freshhhh)

8. If you can only wear one pair of sneakers your whole life, what will it be?
Loggy and Red - Vans
Cocktail - Nike obviously

9. Best place to shop for sneakers? 
Bows and Arrows in Berkley, CA has the sickest kicks ever!!!

10. What's your favorite color? 
We love all colors. Anything FUNKYYYY

Cocktail and Loggy

Radical Something
And to cap off this feature, here's my favorite song from their current album, "We Are Nothing", Be Easy feat. Kinetics.

Be Easy ft. Kinetics by WeAreRadical

The next Sneaker Junkies? We'll see who I can get by December. I hope you enjoyed this new segment/section of my blog. A big thank you again to the guys of Radical Something, you guys are really awesome.

Radical Something photos by Joe Busy