Sticker Contest Winners

I met up with the winners of my anniversary contest last week. Two are winners via my personal choice and one won because of the votes/likes his entry received in Facebook

Dave Due's design won as my second favorite. It's simply well-designed. I like how the words pop-out perfectly because of the use of colors and also, the font fits the feel of the design entirely.

David Villania III's design received 735 votes/likes. You can't ignore the effort there, you just have to give it up to him. 

And here's Jerryk Gutierrez' design, my first pick. By the way that's her sister, because he can't meet me to get it. I'm truly a fan of this work, a little more refining and he's gonna be a great artist. 

Thank you to all who joined the contest, I really appreciate the effort and time you guys gave. I hope to have some more stuff to give to you guys in the future. Thanks again!