Wares: Nike Toki Premium - Jersey Gold

I've noticed the increase in questions that say "where can I get this?" and all other versions of it in the blog. This new segment called Wares |we(ə)rs|may not answer all your questions, however, this will particularly show you and help you find different sneakers that I see and stumble upon. Plus I will do my best to get the featured pair's best angles and elements, and hopefully tempt you to get a pair for yourself. If I'm successful with the photos, and with the details (price and store where I saw it) that accompany it, you'll remove yourself in front of the computer and go on your way in to buying it.

A little survey though, what are other details you want me to include besides; model name, price and store where I saw it? And if you're thrilled about this new segment give me a heads up so I'll know it's actually a good idea. If you're not, tell me too, so I can kill this segment immediately. I need your opinions! Speak up, I'll listen.

Now here's how the details will go (please tell me if you want to know anything else about a Wares feature);

Nike Toki Premium - Jersey Gold
4,495 Php
Nike Park, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City, Philippines